We have extensive experience in the following
evidence-based approaches:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT involves identifying and changing thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that cause distress and developing more helpful coping skills.

CBT is:

Active: It is more than just listening to your problems. It involves coming to a shared understanding of your problems – how they developed and what keeps them going – and teaching specific strategies to cope with and overcome these problems and achieve your goals.

Practical: We teach skills that you use in everyday life.

Time-limited: Treatment usually requires only 5 to 15 sessions (depending on your needs and the extent to which you practice the skills between sessions). We often provide materials to assist you work on the skills outside of treatment to achieve progress in a timely manner.

Focused on the here-and-now. The focus is on what keeps your problems going in the present. 

Evidence based: It has been extensively researched and is considered one of the most effective treatments for a wide range of psychological difficulties

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is focused on helping you achieve a full and meaningful life through acceptance of what is, living in the present moment, and acting in accordance with our values.

Schema Therapy

Schema therapy addresses lifelong beliefs and behaviour patterns that create significant distress. It is a longer-term approach that is effective for complex and longstanding psychological difficulties.


Mindfulness refers to paying attention to the here-and-now in a non-judgemental way. Research has shown it has many benefits, including helping to prevent a relapse of depression and increasing life satisfaction.

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